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Web Design Services

Because first impressions of a business is everything. We take pride in creating each website one day at a time, we know the importance of creating a effective website and how it can create a more profitable business. 

We know that with the right tools, content, team effort an your business vision will come to life on your website.

In creating the magic for not just your website but multiple business owners website. We follow a strict weekly deadline to ensure that were on track and on the same page for all of our customers. 

Week #1 – Content

Week #2 – Layout w/ Content

Week #3 – Modifications

Week #4 – Website Approval & Final Approval w/ Launch

Week #5 – Appointment Set for 1 hr Website Training Session & DIY Video Tutorial Given via email. 

Completion Turnaround Time

Typical turn around time is up 30 days, with all necessary content received within a timely manner. Weekends are not included in the turn around time.

Once your payment has been received you will receive a Web Design Welcome Email that will bring you up speed in our process and deadline dates. Because we value your time as business owners 60% of our communication will be via email. It is important to keep us in the look if anything changes as far as business name, address, phone number, billing address, cc info and any content changes that need to take place. Once we have reached our Lay Out Approval & Final Approval deadline has passed, full redesign will not be available unless payment is received for a complete redesign. Any major changes will need to take place during layout approval time frame, only minor changes will take place during Final Approval.

Submitting Content

You will be giving a week to submit content to use and up until First Approval. Once Final Approval has been reached only minor changes can take place before launch. In order to ensure we can provide the same quality service to all other projects besides your project. 

Need to add more page tabs to your site? We Got You!

Most websites have either a 6 page,10-page or 20 page limit. Any additional Page there is a $45 fee and details must be emailed to

Domain Names & Hosting Packages

Domain names and hosting packages will all be included in your pricing. We have a partnership with several hosting and domain registration companies to be able to accommodate your need.

Refund Policies

There are no refunds allowed on deposits paid and no refunds on work that has already been started on or issued out due to the labor hours put in to fulfill your website request. Remaining balances are due BEFORE getting log in credentials for the website and or/before any websites are transferred to a different account in to your company’s name.


Communication is key to a successful website. When we collaborate together and you reveal your vision we can make magic to your website.


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