Intake Process 

Your intake process is a step by step process for servicing your clients once that have inquired or paid for service. It essential to have without the proper intake process in place it makes moving forward hard.

Fulfillment Process

Your fulfillment process will either make you or break you.  This process is the next process after a payment has been received and its time to deliver exactly if not more than what you agreed to deliver for your clients.

Follow Up Process

During this process here is your time to follow up with your client, show appreciation, see how satisfied your client was, get a survey from your clients, make more coins, obtain a referral and the list can go on! 

Nurturing Process

The nurturing process in a business is the key to long term repeat business and consistent new business 24/7 even while you sleep. The more your in contact with your existing client and potential clients year round the better chance you have in retaining that client and hitting your revenue goals.

Lead Generating Process

How many of my entrepreneurs LOVE leads!! Not everyone's hands at once. Having a solid lead generating process does wonders for your business. There are several money generating activities you can incorporate in your business model to help you collect your coins!

Billing, Payment & Retention Process

In running a business you need to have to lesser than 3 merchant companies you can use just in case your customer needs an alternative to make a payment! 

It is also extremely important to have a billing process as well as policies in place. Not having clear rules and options for clients in place and acknowledgements for your clients to review can causes risks in the long run.